Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Free dessert...If I must!

On Monday night my parents and I went out for dinner at O'Charley's. My mom chose the restaurant because I was taking her out for a belated birthday dinner. 

Here are my amazing parents at O'Charley's...I think they enjoyed the meal :-)
I went in the restaurant completely prepared for eating a somewhat healthy dinner because I tend to overdue it when I eat out and feel miserable for hours after. I decided on a house salad (dressing on the side) and a cup of soup. 

Mistake #1- I forgot that they bring out those delicious yeast rolls at O'Charley's and had to have one because I was starving. 
Mistake #2- When the waitress brought out my soup she told me that they served me up a bowl of soup instead of the cup I had ordered. Of course I ate every last bite of it. 
Mistake #3- My Dad got fries with his meal (which I can never resist) and offered the rest of them to me when he couldn't finish them
Mistake #4- My Mom asked for another basket of rolls and I of course had to eat just one more. 
 Mistake #5- The waitress was being really sweet and rang up my meal so it was cheaper and also included a dessert. I let Mom choose the dessert since it was her birthday dinner and we shared a delicious caramel apple cobbler. 

At least I was only uncomfortably full for just 1 hour instead of my normal 4 hours after eating dinner out.

After dinner we wanted to walk off some of our food so we went to my favorite store, Target!
They had tons of workout clothes on clearance so I managed to leave the store only spending $23 with these lovely finds:
I swear, I don't even look at regular clothing anymore, I head straight for the running clothes, I think I have an addiction. I really need to start looking for some winter running clothes though since it will start to get cold soon and we are moving to a much cooler climate come March.

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