Friday, October 5, 2012

Is it normal for your cat to judge you?

Wednesday came, and it was time for me to head back home to Mississippi. My sweet Daddy got up and made me some delicious biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast so I could get my grub on one last time before having to cook (aka microwave) for myself again. 
Do you really think that sounds good Momma?

After breakfast I hit the road and enjoyed jamming out to the 90s pop station on Pandora, man those songs bring back memories. I couldn't get a picture of Daisy judging my singing skills since I was driving, but here is a taste of the looks I kept getting every time I belted out to Britney or Christina (don't judge)!
I'm going to kill you if you keep singing!

 On Thursday I headed to the grocery store because my fridge and pantry were looking pretty bare. I really enjoy grocery shopping and taking my time seeing what's new and analyzing each and every food I put in my cart. People, unfortunately, make this hard since I always feel like I am in someone's way. I feel like there is no longer a time I can go to the store and it be empty. Anyone else have that problem? Or does your grocery store actually make the aisles big enough for more than one person in the aisle at a time? 

Resting my foot is going okay, I am managing to stay off of it for the most part. When I do need to get up and walk on it, these lovely Georgia slippers take almost all of the pain away. I wonder if people would look at me funny if I tried to run the half marathon in them.


Side note from today's lunch...if you have never tried eating cottage cheese and cucumbers together, do it now! (That is pepper added on top) This is one of the best ideas I have had and now it will be a new craving for at least the next few weeks. 

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