Thursday, October 4, 2012

Road Rash

Since Tuesday was the last day I was staying at my parents' house I really wanted to do a run and take advantage of all the great hills around their house. I set out not knowing how long or far I wanted to run or even where I was going. I really enjoyed hitting the road without any sort of plan, it allowed me to check out some interesting scenery that I didn't even know existed. Here is just a sampling of the types of scenery I was able to enjoy:

Too bad I run low key or I would have gotten tons of my own pictures. Unfortunately, as fun as that part of the run was, other parts were not so great. I wore my brand new shorts from Target, thinking they were going to be my new favorite pair of running shorts......needless to say, when you can feel the pain of chaffing during the run it is not good news for your upcoming shower. These shorts not only chaffed my inner thighs but also a very painful spot on my lower back. 

 My foot also was bothering me for most of the 6 mile run/walk and I probably should not have gone as far as I did on it, but, I am very stubborn and really wanted a nice, solid run. So, now I am stuck sitting on my butt as much as possible for the next few days, in the hopes of not having any pain for my upcoming half marathon.

That night's dinner was another wonderful dish made by my Daddio. Sadly, I ate it too fast to get a picture but trust me the potato soup and cheesy corn bread were delicious and I enjoyed seconds!

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