Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How do you pronounce that?

I wasn't able to get in a workout yesterday, but it was probably for the best so that my foot could rest some more. I think it helped because this morning was the first time that it didn't hurt when I first stepped out of bed. Instead, my day was filled with doctor's appointments, shopping, and baking! 
I mentioned earlier that I went to the eye doctor for my yearly exam, so I decided to do some shopping since I was already in town. I had a coupon for Old Navy that offered $15 off a $50 or more purchase, plus I had a $5 reward to use as well. I ended up spending almost $60 after the coupons but I got some good stuff. Is it bad that the majority of my clothing purchases goes towards running apparel? I snagged me 3 pairs of cropped compression pants, which I absolutely love running in, as well as two pairs of capris for this new fall weather. I also found a super cute summer top that I hope I have a chance to wear before it gets too cold. 

I stopped into Petsmart after my shopping spree and almost walked out with 6 new cats. Sorry Chris, I know you are allergic but you are gone and Daisy just doesn't give me enough love :-).  Kittens just snag my heart and I felt so bad they were locked in those little cages and desperately wanting some human contact. 

After I got home I had some lunch (my awesome spinach salad mentioned in yesterday's post) and did a little internet stalking. Then it was time for my doctor's appointment to try and help with all this pressure and popping in my ears. Basically, my sinuses are draining big time and blocking the tubes that connect to my ears, so I'm not allowed to fly anytime soon, guess that means no taking the jet out today :-) Now I've got 4 different prescriptions for allergy medicine, maybe it will help my running if I can breathe easier. 

And now to address the title of this blog...when you come in contact with several people throughout the day who see your unusual last name, they inevitably ask "how do you pronounce that?" I lost count how many times I was asked this yesterday. At least I married into it, my poor husband has had to deal with this question his whole life. 

After I got home, I decided it was time to finally bake this pizookie recipe I had been eyeing. While it was baking, I made dinner, which included one of my favorites: roasted zucchini. Oh so yummy! Basically you slice up a zucchini, spread it out on a pan, put your favorite seasonings on top and throw it in the oven for 10-20 minutes at about 350 degrees (time depends on how tender you like it). So very simple, and yet so good. 
 The pizookie turned out better than I expected, especially considering it was made with garbanzo beans. If I made it again I would need a better food processor to be able to get the mixture super smooth. I would also use chocolate chips instead of chunks (its what I had on hand) and I would add some more spices to it so it wouldn't taste quite so bland. But overall, it tasted delicious as long as the bite included some of the chocolate or my frozen yogurt I paired it with.

Do you have a hard to pronounce last name? If so does it annoy you when you have to tell everyone how to say it?
My maiden name was fairly easy to figure out so it has taken some getting used to for me. It is definitely funny to see people try to say it when I get my race awards.
Do you like experimenting with odd ingredients in your baked goods?
I think its amazing what you can add sugar to and make it taste good!
What are your favorite go to foods for dinner? I need ideas!   


  1. My current favorite food for dinner is chickpea burgers (recipe from the blog Peas and Thank You). You can make them ahead of time and then heat them up as needed. They're perfect on their own or on salads too.

    Thanks for following me on Twitter and reading my blog. I look forward to hearing more about your running adventures. I'm also jealous you're close to an Old Navy. Looks like they have great workout gear!

    1. Chickpea burgers sound delicious, I will definitely have to try them.
      Old Navy has some great workout gear for a decent price, which is great for me because I'm a cheapskate ha ha. I am trying to take advantage of being close as much as I can since we are moving to England next year. I look forward to reading about your adventures in Paris to help me prepare.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Love the new capris! I really enjoy running in those. Our last name is really difficult to pronounce and most people don't even try so I can relate. I don't know about you but I get used to saying my name and then immediately start spelling everything.

    1. Thanks, I have enjoyed trying the capris out this week in the cooler temps. Sometimes I don't even bother saying my last name anymore, I just say let me spell if for you and then they get so confused when I say the first two letter are Cz because you don't expect those two letters to go together.