Saturday, October 6, 2012

Crazy animal cookies

It's college football Saturday again, which means I will be typing in red and black in support of my team...GO DAWGS!!!
 I've got my team colors on and I'm ready to root on my Dawgs!
I am currently on day 4 of operation lay in bed all day and rest my hurt foot. I'm starting to go a little stir crazy and I am really itching for a run.
I was lazy last night and made my go to dinner that takes 2 minutes to make. 

That looks like a really well rounded meal huh? Peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread, organic tortilla chips, baby carrots, almonds, and my treat of the week: animal cookies.
Speaking of animal cookies, as I was savoring these babies, I began looking at the different animals and became a bit disturbed by what I saw:
Mr. Giraffe here looks like his friends bet him he couldn't touch his nose to his tail or maybe he has an itch on his bum...I don't even know what to say about the gorilla over here.
Today my stomach has turned into a bottomless pit, maybe because it is used to the carbo loading for my usual long run Sunday. 

My first lunch consisted of sugar snap peas, sweet potato tortilla chips, almonds, and a pear and gouda grilled cheese sandwich (the idea came from this wonderful blog.)And let me tell you that you need to try this sandwich right now, I had an epic fail while flipping my sandwich but it was still mighty delicious!

I had to include a picture of this yumminess all by itself, really this was an amazing sandwich, go try it now...I'll wait...   


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