Sunday, September 16, 2012

PR on a training run...what??

The chocolate chip pumpkin muffins turned out okay, they had that diet taste to them, and since they were only 83 calories a piece I am okay with that! I ate two of them and then had to force down my dinner so I would be properly fueled for my long run today. 

I couldn't believe how full I was yesterday after those muffins, didn't even want dinner, there has to be something wrong with me!! I never miss a meal.

Anyway... long run this morning, got up at 4:45 and finally got out there about 5:15. I had planned on giving it my best effort while still keeping in mind that it was a training run. I ended up with a half marathon PR (personal record for you non-running folks)! 13.1 miles in 2:03:34. Needless to say I was feeling it, so I did something I never do, sat in a cold water bath, awful, awful, awful but I think it helped alleviate some of the soreness. 

Now I am so tired I can't even sleep, have you ever felt that way? So instead I am laying in bed taking advantage of my free HBO weekend. Watching lots of movies and playing on my laptop with aspirations of doing some more stretching and foam rolling sometime today. 

Due to my intense effort this morning, I have decided to push my interval workout from tomorrow to Tuesday to rest my poor legs. I'm sure I will be bouncing off the walls by the afternoon... I always enjoy visuals when I read so for all of you that are the same here ya go:

Hot, sweaty, and tired...I think my face was about 5 shades of red darker after I finished than it is here.

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