Friday, September 21, 2012

PR....sure thing!

Tomorrow is race day and I am going to guarantee I get a personal record right here, right now! How can I be so sure you ask? Because I am running my first 8k, that is what is nice about running a race distance that you have never run before...a guaranteed PR. An 8k equates to about 4.97 miles and I am super excited to test this new race distance. I have run tons of 5ks and about five 10ks but it will be interesting to see how a distance in between to two pans out. 

I am also completely excited about running with my amazing husband, races are always better when I have someone to compete with :-)

To get me hyped up for my runs tomorrow I found a few old pictures of some 5ks I ran. Now I really need a nap...driving 4 hours really takes it out of me and puts my behind to sleep.

Please ignore the random sweat spots, apparently by body only likes to cry from weird places.

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