Saturday, September 15, 2012

My very first post!

Here it is my very first blog post! Why have I decided to start blogging? Even I’m not sure yet.  When I come across other blogs I always think “I could never do that.” I couldn’t see sharing my thoughts with total strangers and being completely open with people I had never met. 

Then I came across this blog and I couldn’t stop reading it. I spent most of the last 3 days reading as much as I could and enjoying every moment of it. I felt like I had found someone I could completely relate to and it made me feel less alone. It also helped motivate me to keep up with my training for my next half marathon and to even eat a little healthier since I had gotten off track the last couple of weeks. I also saw how therapeutic it can be to get your thoughts out there even if there is no one to read them…

If you are reading I guess I should introduce myself: In a nutshell I am an air force wife, runner, and foodie with an internet obsession. I am currently training for my second half marathon which you will soon get tired of hearing about. 

Tomorrow I will be doing my long run of 13 miles, it will be my longest run yet and will prove to myself that I can once again cover the distance of a half marathon. So today I am carbo loading and enjoying every minute of it. 

This morning I had these pancakes though I was out of cottage cheese so I subbed in greek yogurt, so full of protein! Lunch was a plate full of chicken stir fry with rice, can you believe I can eat all this food for only 400 calories, not that I’m counting...

And yes I did take a bite out of the bread before I took the picture, I couldn’t help it, I love my bread!!
Now I am off to make some hopefully wonderful pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, if they are good I will share the recipe!

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