Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome to Lazyland

Yep, I am a slacker and haven't posted anything for a few days. That dang lazyland sucked me in again and even though I had plenty to say I just couldn't bring myself to type. 

I finally made it to the gym on Tuesday to work on my intervals but I scaled them back a bit from previous weeks just to give my legs a little more rest. Apparently having a little cooler weather outside means the gym decides to not run the air conditioner inside. Needless to say I sweated all over those machines, it was not pretty.

Wednesday was supposed to be speed work on the track but I used the excuse that I had an intense workout the day before and my knee was tweaking a little to not workout at all. Instead I cleaned the house and ate like there was no tomorrow. 

Got up this morning and did a little 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels then went to the gym and once again no air conditioning. I know it is getting chilly outside (which I am not digging because it has been such a huge change in a few days) but I still need cold air when I am sweating masses amount of juices from my body. Now it is laundry time and packing to see my awesome hubby this weekend. I have missed him so...

For your viewing pleasure here is a picture on my new concoction. It is greek yogurt mixed with PB2, stevia, and cinnamon with blueberries and shredded wheat on top. I usually dip my apples in the greek yogurt mix but am trying to learn to like blueberries so decided to mix it up a bit. 

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