Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why Small Races Rock!

Even after the bad run yesterday and the continuing pain in my foot, I decided to try and run the 5k this morning and just see what happened. The bonus to running in this race was that my parents decided to walk in the 5k and join in on all the fitness fun of the race. All morning both my ankle and the bottom of my foot were bothering me and I was hoping the pain would go away once the race started and I was high on endorphins. 

So at 8am we were off and there was no pain, I ran one of the best 5ks of my racing career finishing in 25:38 (my second fastest 5k time) and was the 2nd overall female. 

After I finished, I grabbed a water and headed back out on the course to find my parents. I took some pictures and rooted them on to the finish. 


My Dad rocked his first 5k and finished in 54:22 and my Mom pushed through some soreness and finished in 56:11. I was so proud of them both for getting out there and moving and I hope this encourages them to keep it up. 

To make it even better, both of them managed to place in their age groups and got some bling to add to the wall. 

I am using red and now black in honor of college football Saturday and my Alma mater....GO DAWGS!!!!!!

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