Saturday, September 22, 2012

8k recap and my randomness

Here is the bridge we had to run to and then over that wonderful hill and back again, I really enjoyed the challenge
This was the preview of the hill as we were driving in today

As I wrote yesterday, I set out knowing that no matter what I would get a PR in the race today but of course I still had a finishing time in mind. I wanted to finish in about 45 minutes or average a 9:00 min/mile pace. My first mile was 8:00 minutes exactly and as I always do I started out a bit too fast so the rest of my miles were a bit slower but nothing over a 9:00 minute pace.  Following is just a snippet of the randomness that keeps me going through these races:
  • All the walkers are messing with my momentum
  • Random butterflies hitting me in the face
  • Then later on I played a game with the butterflies since they wanted to fly along beside me: they were encouraging me to keep my pace up, flying along and then attacking if i slowed down. 
  • Old dude drafting off of me, hacking and spitting all over my back. 
  • I should have worn sunscreen, the sun is burning through my skin and into my soul. 
  • My  encouragement halfway through was passing the hubby (later on he said I crushed his time and his spirit ha ha.)
  • I'm really tired of this downhill.
  • This last mile is going to be the death of me, straight flat with the 100 degree sun beating down. 
  • I'm celebrating national talk like a pirate a few days late as sweat drips in my eye and I walk to the bathroom with one eye squenched and say arrgggh to my husband. 
In the end, as I neared the finish line I saw that I could definitely make it under 43:00 minutes but knew that if I picked it up I could finish in under 42:30, and what did I do? 

42:29!!! This awesome time also got me first place in my age group and a new trophy for the shelf. Though I don't set out to run for the bling, just to challenge myself, a little sparkly makes the race that much better.

Don't you just love the bling?

This is me trying to look as tired as I felt...I swear I am not bald...just can't stand having sweaty hair in my face so I pin it all back ballerina style.

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  1. That bridge was a piece of cake, well at least for some people it was.